4 Benefits of Signing Up for a Weight Loss Program

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If your attempts to lose weight alone have hit a brick wall, it may be time to sign up for a weight loss program.

Many people try to lose weight alone, thinking they can fix their diet and become more active by themselves. Some may achieve success this way, but it’s very difficult to make significant, long-term changes to your lifestyle without structure and a plan. Here are four major benefits of signing up for a weight loss program.

Expert advice

However many fitness and nutrition blogs you read, nothing can replace the personalised advice of an expert. Let’s face it – we don’t know everything ourselves. There’s a reason why experts are experts! They’ve spent years studying and practicing their profession. Jenny Craig weight loss programs provide expert guidance from dietitians, who know much more about the best way to lose weight than the average person.

A tailored, holistic plan

Related to the first point, weight loss programs – especially those offered by Jenny Craig – are tailored to you as an individual. They offer holistic strategies for losing weight according to where you are right now. If you’ve been following diet and exercise trends without much thought for how they actually sit with you as an individual, then you’d really benefit from a personalised weight loss program.

Support and motivation

If you’ve ever started a self-driven weight loss program with enthusiasm and gusto only to fizzle out after a few weeks (if that!), you know how difficult it can be to stay motivated. Even if you have the support of great friends and family (which, unfortunately, not everyone does), life and work can get in the way of making sustainable lifestyle changes.

When you sign up for a Jenny Craig weight loss program you are signing up for support and a reason to stay motivated. Even when your inherent motivation starts to dip, your consultant will help to keep you on track with your weight loss plan with scheduled check-ins. They’ll even be able to give you a pep talk when you need it most! Losing weight isn’t easy, but it’s much easier with support.



It can be easy to make excuses to ourselves for why we couldn’t go to a fitness class (Too early! Too busy! Too tired!) or eat better (Not convenient! No time for prep!). We might feel a twinge of guilt and jump back on the healthy lifestyle wagon, or let a surge of guilt derail our plans. Either way, without someone else to be accountable too, it’s easy to tell ourselves little stories that keep us from achieving our weight loss goals.

Signing up for a weight loss plan adds extra levels of accountability. Your Jenny Craig Consultant will discuss your goals with you at the beginning, and keep checking in with you as you go. The little stories you tell yourself don’t sound so convincing if you say them aloud to someone else!

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