2019 Food trends

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Our Dietitians fill you in on upcoming food trends and have some tips on how you can fit them into the Jenny Craig program.

Gut Health & Fermented Foods

The gut is home to billions of bacteria that play various roles in the body. Good gut bacteria can help keep you feeling full, assist with mood and support digestion. Foods rich in probiotics (good bacteria) and prebiotics (food that feeds the bacteria) are important to maintain good gut health. Fermented foods such as miso, kefir and kombucha, fall into this category and can be a good addition to the diet. These foods can easily be included as part of your Jenny Craig menu.

Going Plant-based

Eating less meat while eating more fruits, vegetables, grains and healthy fats has been shown to reduce some chronic illnesses, so it’s no surprise vegetarian and vegan eating are on the rise.

The popularity of eating less animal foods is obvious when you look at the meat and dairy free options now in supermarkets and restaurants. This ranges from meat free burger patties, meat replacers and a dizzying array of plant-based milk, cheese and yoghurt made from soy, almond, coconut and even hemp.

Both dairy and meat alternatives can be included on the Jenny Craig program and your personal Consultant will show you how. We also have a complete Vegetarian menu plan or you could just opt to include a few vegetarian options if you’re looking to just cut back a little.

Reducing Food Waste

Reducing food waste is becoming an important food trend as we look to improve the environment, reduce pollution and decrease greenhouse gas emissions. Some great ways you can help reduce food waste while on the Jenny Craig program include:

  • Make a veggie soup or veggie bake with your left-over vegetables at the end of each week instead of throwing them out.
  • Compost any food scraps you have so they don’t end up in the bin.
  • Use as much of the vegetable as you can—try peeling and eating the stem or use the leaves of broccoli and cauliflower (seriously so yum!) or leaving the skin on carrots.

Blast from the Past

Cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, cabbage and iceberg lettuce are surging in popularity and are set to be the trendiest veggies to be adding to your plate.

Beautiful brassicas (and even the good ol’ iceberg lettuce) have been featuring on the menus of many high-end restaurants, served oven baked, charred around the edges and drizzled with vinegar. Perhaps most popular of all has been the modest cauliflower as it can be processed to have a similar texture to rice or couscous and can even be formed into crispy pizza bases or a creamy cauliflower mash.

Even better, these veggies are super cheap when in season so be sure to load up and eat in abundance whilst on the Jenny Craig program.

Ancient Grains

It all started with quinoa but now it’s time for other ancient grains to find their glory in the spotlight. Spelt, bulghar, farro, freekeh, teff, millet and kamut are just some of the grains set to surge in popularity this year so keep your eyes peeled for them. Ancient grains are becoming more and more popular as they offer an alternative to more common wheat, corn and rice, while providing a unique texture, taste and nutrient profile. They can be included on the Jenny Craig menu in your salads and soups.

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