Creating A Balanced Life On The Jenny Craig Program

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We understand that many people put off losing weight as it will mean major changes to their life. But that doesn’t have to be the case, at Jenny Craig, we have solutions to some of the most common worries. Your life during weight loss needs to be sustainable afterwards and that is why we work to establish a balanced tailored plan that factors in your lifestyle. The difference of having one on one support allows you to discuss your needs with your consultant and create an individual plan just for you.

Dining out

As much as we know that following the complete Jenny Craig menu will get the best results, we also know how dining out is an important part of our lives. Our Consultant can help you put strategies in place so eating out will not mean veering off track. Dining out is not about avoidance, it is about having a plan of action, the right portion size and motivation to stick to your strategy.

Work morning teas

Workplaces seem to always have a birthday, going away, anniversary or celebration of some sort, which often involves treats that are definitely not on the plan. With the support of your Consultant you can plan a way to enjoy the event and still lose weight, it’s all about preparation. You may decide to eat your Jenny Craig snack at the celebration or put together your own platter of free foods for everyone to enjoy. There are many free drinks available while losing weight, or you could create a jug of mocktail, like this great Mango Mocktail!


Yes, alcohol does add significant kilojoules to your daily intake and can result in slower progress, but do not let it be the reason not to start. Alcohol can still be part of your weekly plan at an allocated level and your consultant will work with you to find the perfect strategy to keep you at that level.

Yes, having no alcohol will deliver you the best results, but for those weeks that a glass of wine with friends or a beer with your mates is on the cards, we can show you how to do it an still achieve your desired results.

Coffee and tea

Yes, you can have coffee and tea! It isn’t actually the coffee and tea itself you need to focus on, it’s the milk and sugar that tend to be added that can be of concern. The great news is you will always have an allocation of milk each day, and this can be used for your coffees and tea. The other great news is you can use sugar substitutes or we can work to reduce your sugar, or fit it into your day.

Eating with the family

One of the most common strategies used by clients to avoid feeling like they are missing out, or in most cases their family is missing out on delicious Jenny Craig cuisine, is to make the same meal for the family. If you are having our Macaroni Cheese for dinner, cook up the family their own Macaroni Cheese meal. If you are having our delicious Wholemeal Pancakes for Sunday breakfast, cook up the family their own pancakes. Or surprise the family with a healthy, portion controlled treat:

The other great part of the program and the family is to all be involved with the salad and vegetables.

Create large bowls of crunchy salad, a seasonal stir fry or even vegetables kebabs and all reap the benefits of eating healthy in a delicious way. Click here for some great recipes that are sure to delight the whole family.

For more great tips on managing your weight loss journey click here.

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