A guide for busy mums

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As a busy mum, it’s hard enough to find any time for yourself, let alone follow a weight-loss plan. Weight loss for women isn’t always as simple as it seems. Not only do we have hormones to contend with that sometimes makes weight loss a little more challenging, but also as natural caregivers we often end up at the very bottom of our own priorities list. If you’re a busy mum who wants to lose weight, there are some fundamental considerations and strategies that will make all the difference on your journey towards ultimate health.

Focus on Family

Being a busy mum, you might struggle to justify putting your own needs first. Perhaps it feels selfish, and so you tell yourself that you simply don’t have time. If this sounds familiar, try changing the channel internally, and instead think about how your family can benefit from your weight loss. Consider the following:

  • Studies have shown that people who are overweight are more likely to have overweight close friends and family. So your weight directly impacts on your family.
  • At a healthy weight, you will have more energy to be fully present with your kids.
  • Your weight loss will improve your fitness so you can engage in more fun, dynamic activities with your family.
  • By prioritising your wellbeing, you set a healthy example for your family. Imagine your children in another 10 or 20 years – how does it feel to think of them taking care of themselves and prioritising their own health?
  • If you’re at a healthy weight you will feel more confident in your own skin – inspiring your family to feel the same.
  • Have you ever noticed that when you are happy, your kids seem to be much happier too? Being a healthy weight will likely make you a much nicer person to be around, and hence make the people around you feel good.

Simply Scheduling

Weight loss for women doesn’t have to be hard. Sometimes, it’s as simple as scheduling. Use a weekly planner to write out a dream list of weight loss activities. Think of it as a vision board – and let your mind be free to envision exactly what you’d love to integrate into your week.

You might, for example, plan into your dream schedule a group fitness class once a week. Or, you might plan to wake up every morning just 15 minutes before the kids and do a short workout at home. What else can support you on your unique weight loss journey? Perhaps you can schedule in a weekly meal with another busy mum friend who is also trying to lose weight. You could get together and experiment with a Jenny Craig recipe or take a walk to discuss your personal challenges and triumphs. Schedule in your weekly chat with your Jenny Craig consultant who can help you in coming up with and sticking to a plan that integrates a unique menu as well as an activity program to suit your lifestyle.

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