How to look after men’s mental health

By author photo Megan Blandford


Men’s mental health is now talked about more openly than ever – and thank goodness for that.

While it used to be a taboo subject, times have changed when it comes to how to look after men’s mental health. Almost half of all men struggle with mental health at some point during their life, so it’s a common challenge that has more solutions than ever before.


Your mates can make the difference

Mental health is part of all of us. Sometimes it means we’re well and thriving, and other times we’re not doing too well. This can go up and down depending on what’s going on in our lives. That means that you, and every one of your mates, is having good days and bad days.  Organisations like Movember say that one of the best ways to keep men’s mental health at the positive end of the scale is to talk more. Your mates are there for you, ready to listen and willing to help.


Lots of help is accessible

 Men’s mental health challenges include loneliness, stress, depression, and anxiety, and there are lots of people available to help you recover. Some of the great options for finding the type of help that suits you are: your local GP, Lifeline, Beyond Blue, SANE Australia and MensLine

Seeking professional help is important, and can range from traditional methods to new options for men. These include setting goals towards mental fitness and focusing on the solutions that can lead you to a happy, healthy life.


Looking for ways to help you stay well? Read about self-care and ‘me time’ for men.


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