Why you need summer exercise in your life!

By author photo Jessica Humphries


Let’s be honest, staying active with summer exercise can be a real drag. When it’s thirty-something degrees outside and you just want to relax in the sun, putting on your running shoes requires a hell of a lot of enthusiasm. But you’re not alone!

Most of us would rather be lounging by the pool, but let me tell you right now – that moment of relaxation is going to feel a lot better after getting active. I mean, how many times have you actually wished you hadn’t gone to that exercise class? The extra motivation required just makes it all the more satisfying when you’re sinking into the pool lounge post-workout. If only it were that easy to convince you!

If you’re having trouble keeping up your summer exercise regime, we’ve got 5 reasons to exercise this summer.


Immerse yourself in nature

More and more studies are pointing to the benefits of getting outside and spending a little time in nature. In the warmer months, it’s often easier to coax yourself outdoors. A walk around the block or a summer boot camp will draw you to explore new and exciting environments, as well as enjoy the benefits of a little nature immersion. Extra bonus? Vitamin D!

Enjoy an excuse to catch up with friends

The chaos of summer sometimes sees you skipping regular catch-ups with your favorites. But summer exercise is here to save the day and give you the perfect excuse to connect with your friends. Whether it’s enjoying a fitness class together or an early morning walk, being active together is a great way to stay connected in a busy time.

Balance out a little silly season indulgence

Let’s be real – there will be times over the summer festivities that you’ll want to indulge. And with an abundance of food and drink-related events on the calendar, we’ll forgive you for enjoying the occasional cheeky cheese platter. The benefit of exercising during this time is it can create some balance between the hectic social calendar and time for your health goals! You may even find that after some summer exercise you’re naturally drawn to healthier, more hydrating foods. Double bonus!

Escape the Christmas chaos

Over summer it can be hard to find time for yourself. Summer exercise is the perfect opportunity for a little me time. Ironically, a bit of heat will keep you cool as you enjoy some space away from the chaos of the silly season. Getting active is a wonderful practice of self-care, and we promise your family won’t complain as they reap the benefits of a happier you.

Increase your endorphins and stress less

Speaking of happiness, think of all those delicious endorphins just waiting to bring you the good feels. Less stress and a more joyful attitude over Christmas is something to celebrate. Now that’s got to be worth a brisk walk around the block!


Check out these hot weather workouts and tips to get you through your exercise this summer.


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