Summer Workout Motivation Tips

By author photo Jenny Craig Team


Whether you’re taking your workout outdoors or are ready to try something new with your fitness regimen this summer, staying motivated to keep pressing ahead may be one of your biggest challenges. The warm weather can make it that much easier to head outside and enjoy some fun workouts in a new environment, but you might need some extra motivation to keep yourself on track and avoid excuses as the summer heats up.

Here are five workout motivation tips for the summer season:

1. Commit to 21 days

Experts say 21 days is what it takes to develop a habit, so give yourself at least three full weeks of dedicated effort to make your fitness and workout regimen stick. While it’s a good idea to have long-term goals with your fitness program, you may be more motivated to stick with it and follow through on your goals in the short-term. Create a fitness plan that you know you can stick with for at least 21 days.

2. Use fitness apps to help you stay on track

Have a hard time committing to a weekly regimen? Use a fitness app and make a commitment to log in a certain number of workouts or stick to your program. The app tracks your progress throughout the week and if you can, reward yourself with a non-food reward, like movie tickets for reaching your goals. You can use the app to help you hit the gym more frequently, eat a certain amount of veggies each day, or keep up with your nutritional goals. It’s a fun and effective way to keep yourself motivated and on track.

3. Change up your cardio routine

If you find cardio workouts are uninspiring and boring, change things up by doing a circuit routine or swimming a few days a week. Swimming is a great way to boost your metabolism for hours after your workout and you can mix things up with a variety of pool workouts – from laps to classes. No matter what your fitness level is, cardio is a great endurance-builder and is great for your heart. Make it fun so you can look forward to those sweat sessions this summer.

4. Find a workout partner

Whether you seek out a walking group in your area, or enlist a friend or family member to work out with you, exercising with someone can help you stay motivated to stick with your goals. Having someone hold you accountable may be just what you need to stop skipping workouts.

5. Update your playlist

The right type of music can help you stay motivated and focused before and during your workout. Athletes do this all the time to achieve peak performance levels. Update your playlist so you have plenty of tracks that will get you motivated within a few seconds of play. Figure out what type of music gets you going and get yourself in your workout zone for any type of workout you are doing. You’ll find it easier to stick with the routine and push through to the end with your favourite songs playing!

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