Experience the benefits of yoga

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How yoga for beginners can strengthen the body and balance the mind


More and more, we are realising that our mental and physical health go hand-in-hand, and maintaining both is vital to ensure we are getting the most out of life! As people are starting necessary conversations around mental health and wellness strategies, yoga has become widely popular as the perfect way to incorporate mindfulness into your fitness regime.



The benefits of yoga are endless

The great thing about this form of exercise is that you don’t have to be a pro to feel the benefits – yoga for beginners brings mindfulness and alignment to your workout regime.


Improve flexibility

A variety of yoga poses will challenge your body in a safe, low-impact environment. Stretch out those muscles after a long day at work, and feel the benefit as they become more flexible!


Reduce stress

A yoga ‘flow’ is built upon breathing, maintaining and steadying each breath to experience full-body relaxation – and a release of internal stress. With practice, you will fully experience the benefits of yoga as you become more relaxed and stabilised during and after your session. Click here for some of our favourite yoga moves to de-stress.


Support weight-loss

Yoga for weight loss is an effective, low-impact way to incorporate exercise into your lifestyle – especially if you have injuries or conditions that make intense exercise difficult. If you can handle the heat, hot yoga could be a nice change to exercising in the cold during winter!


Become mindful

As a mindfulness exercise, one of the main benefits of yoga is bringing your awareness to the present moment. Even yoga for beginners allows you to appreciate the moment and enjoy being at one with your body, the body you are nourishing and strengthening on your weight loss journey.



What type of yoga is best for me?

There’s a type of yoga for everyone! Regardless of your flexibility, goals, injuries, or health conditions – everyone can find their flow and experience the benefits of yoga, whether it’s yoga for weight loss or simply yoga for beginners:



The perfect yoga for beginners, hatha incorporates the traditional yoga poses, focused breathing, and basic meditation into a slow-paced flow.



A more fluid and comprehensive style of yoga for weight loss, vinyasa introduces swift pose transitions and synchronised breathing – a stimulating challenge for your mind and body!



Bikram yoga is practiced in a heated space similar to a sauna, and deeper stretches. Ready to sweat? Bikram is the perfect yoga for weight loss on a cold winters day, but seek professional guidance if you have a heart condition – and avoid this style if you are pregnant.



Experience the mindful benefits of yoga through a meditative yin class. Each pose is held for over five minutes, allowing you to really focus on your mental space and breathe deeply into your muscles. Yin is a suitable yoga for beginners, and is especially beneficial to those who struggle with tight hips, pelvic discomfort, and lower back pain.



What do I need?

One of the benefits of yoga is that you don’t need any expensive gear! Just wear comfortable, breathable clothing that allows you to move and stretch – and always bring a water bottle! Yoga mats are almost always provided at your local studio. But, if you’d rather practice at home, you’ll find thousands of free online videos of yoga for beginners.

Experience the incredible benefits of yoga as you spend quality time with yourself, aligning your body and your mind. Namaste!


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