5 Active Ways To Embrace Autumn

By author photo Jenny Craig Team


Though Summer gets more of the spotlight, in many ways Autumn is really the perfect season for outdoor activities. It’s the best weather of the year, with a hint of Summer’s warmth plus a delicious note of crispness in the air—not to mention the crunch of leaves under your feet! Here are 5 easy ways to take advantage of the season’s beauty (and get closer to your healthy weight loss goal) by boosting your activity level.

1. Get some colour
One of the best parts of Autumn is watching the trees change colour and seeing streets full of those firey-coloured leaves. Make the most of your weekend by packing a lunch, like Jenny’s Roast Vegetable Salad, and some healthy snacks in a light backpack and hiking to a pretty picnic spot amongst the beautiful scenery.

2. Rake & burn
While Autumn does bring us some picturesque scenes of nature, the fact is the leaves have to fall somewhere and unfortunately most of the time this means frequent raking and cleaning up is needed. But try to look at this as an opportunity, not an inconvenience. Did you know that raking leaves gives you a great upper-body workout and burns kilojoules, too—just 20 minutes and you can burn almost 400 kilojoules! That’s not bad for something that has to be done anyway.

3. Practice fitness
Have the kids started back at sport? Footy, outdoor netball or hockey? You could sit on the sidelines and shiver through those long practices, or sit in the car waiting for training to finish—or you could suit up in your own workout gear and go for a brisk walk around the oval or courts while the kids train. Idea: to help maintain your motivation, download an activity-mapping app to track your average pace and how far you’ve walked.

4. Get classy
With the kids at school, Autumn is a wonderful time to embark upon your own learning journey. Is there something you’ve always wanted to try, like ballroom dancing or Zumba? Take one exploratory class to make sure you enjoy the activity, then sign up for a regular series of classes.

5. Step outdoors
Instead of hitting your gym’s stair-climbing machine, why not use the real thing? With the footy season under way, your local footy oval should be wide open during training. Grab a friend, set a weekly “step date,” and set ascending goals to achieve with every workout to keep yourselves on track. Your local footy ground doesn’t have stairs? Don’t panic, walking laps of the oval is a great way to keep active!

So instead of giving in to the colder weather and using it as an excuse to lounge around and avoid activity, look at the positive side and the beauty of the season, and make the most of what it has to offer!

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