10 Active Date Ideas

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Long-stemmed roses, heart-shaped chocolates, an indulgent 2 course meal accompanied with champagne and topped off with a decadent dessert – these are just a few things that pop in to mind when Valentine’s Day is mentioned! Your normal routine may be interrupted, but it is possible to enjoy Valentine’s Day while still staying active. It just might mean mixing things up and trying some new activities for the day.

Here are our top 10 active date ideas that you and your partner can enjoy and can help to balance out those heart shaped chocolates or glass of champagne!

1. Participate in a 5K.

Choose a 5K that benefits a cause you both support and commit to walking, jogging or running it together. You can even turn this into a series of training “dates” that lead up to the main event. Bonus: walking gives you ample time to chat with each other.

2. Go for a hike

Whether you live on the coast, near a mountain or even in the suburbs, there are thousands of walking trails across the country, so pick one and get out for fresh air and scenic views. Add a bit of romance to the date by packing a picnic that the two of you can share in a secluded location with a picturesque backdrop.

3. Hit the golf course

You could make it a whole day affair covering 18 holes, or maybe a half day date if you play 9. Either way, watch your pedometer steps climb as you engage in romantic conversation walking between holes.

4. Bike riding

A very romantic way to reduce your carbon footprint on Valentine’s Day! Whether it’s going for a day-long ride broken up with a romantic meal or just going for a leisurely ride around the park, it’s a great way to get moving while also spending quality time with your partner. And if you’re up for a real challenge and some extra bonding, why not try a tandem bicycle?

5. Horse Riding

Just picture it, the two of you riding horse back together on the beach, trailing off into the sunset… While it may not be riding bareback and may be the most cliché thing you’ve heard, you might actually enjoy taking in the beautiful scenery and ambience, while your core and thighs will be feeling the challenge!

6. Dance class

Dancing is a language in itself and can be very sensual; communication is through the hips, the eyes and the embrace. Having a bit of fun and try something new like a salsa lesson with your partner, get up close and personal and burn some kilojoules along the way!

7. Try a water sport.

If you can get to a lake or ocean, why not try a non-motorised water sport? Kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding or even swimming are kilojoule-burning activities that are best done with a partner! Rowing across a scenic lake in a canoe is both romantic and fun.

8. Pick an outdoor concert.

Outdoor concerts make for great date nights. Summer concert season is perfect for getting your dancing shoes out! Choose a band or type of music that’s generally easy to dance to. Wear comfortable shoes and the two of you can spend the evening dancing together under the stars.

9. Walk to dinner

What more of a romantic way to start your Valentine’s dinner then an evening stroll to the restaurant? Just the two of you at dusk, not only does it give you quality time together, it’s also a great opportunity to get your steps up and burn off any extra kilojoules that might have snuck into the meal.

10. And don’t forget about bedtime…

Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to keep your date going long into the night. So head home with your partner and keep your workout going between the sheets!

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