What to do if you’ve overindulged

By author photo Megan Alsford


In a perfect world, you would start a weight loss journey, plan your meals and exercise routine and stick to it every day. The reality is often different as life can and does get in the way. Work is stressful, your partner eats the fruit you needed for afternoon tea, you forget your lunch, or you get invited to a special dinner where there is pressure to eat and drink. Whatever it might be, something is bound to happen along your journey that leads to slipping from your plans and over doing it.

What determines the impact of these times is not if they happen but how you respond. The following three tips will help you stay on track next time you feel you have overindulged.

1. Be kind to yourself

One meal won’t instantly make you healthy or help you lose weight just as one meal won’t derail the healthy habits you’ve worked towards. Be kind to yourself and acknowledge it wasn’t to plan but that you are in control and can keep moving forward.

2. Don’t compensate by eating less or excessively exercising

The best move after an indulgent meal is to go back to eating healthy balanced meals as soon as possible. Skipping meals may only lead to cravings and lower your energy. Also continue with your usual exercise plans. Often it is difficult to burn off all the kilojoules from an indulgent meal and upping the ante on your exercise may only lead to injury and make it feel like a punishment. Exercise should be enjoyable and using it to compensate for not eating right will only create negative feelings around it.

3. Learn and plan a different path

After a moment of overindulgence, take a step back to reflect on what happened. What was the occasion or reason to overindulge? What emotions triggered you to divert from your plan? What could you do differently next time you’re faced with the same challenge? How will you feel when you face the same challenge but take a different path and stick to your plan? By learning from your experience you’ll better equip yourself for long term success.

– By Megan Alsford

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