Meet Briannan – our Win the Dream Dress competition winner!

By author photo Jenny Craig Team


Centre: Traralgon Vic
Weight Loss: 21kgs
Time Frame: 21 Weeks

Briannan’s first goal weight was 85kg – she has smashed this goal and is now aiming for 65kg!


Why did you choose Jenny Craig to help you lose weight in preparation for your wedding?

Just after I got engaged, a friend had recently joined Jenny Craig and was getting Jenny Craig food delivered while I was visiting her at home. Being able to see the meals, made me go ‘wow, this could really help me too’! She then explained how the program worked and I was really surprised and inspired. It all sounded amazing, I then got in contact with Jenny Craig a couple of days later.



How did you feel when you got the call that you had won your dream dress?

I felt so lucky, I just couldn’t believe it and was blown away with it all! I felt so grateful, Jenny Craig had already been so great, and thought how could it be any better?!


How did your fiance react when he found out that you were the winner?

My fiance was so happy and couldn’t believe it! I think he was nearly as surprised as i was.


Can you describe the experience of being at the photo shoot?

The experience was absolutely incredible! I loved every minute of it. The whole experience from the beginning of the fitting, to the pampering of hair and makeup and then through-out the photo shoot was so much fun! Everyone was so helpful and kind, and they made me feel so comfortable so I was delighted to be there.



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