Jumpstart your wedding weight loss with Rapid Results

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If you’re a bride planning to lose weight for your wedding, the Jenny Craig Rapid Results program is perfect for you. Every bride wants to look her best on her big day, and if that includes losing a few unwanted kilos, you’re not alone. Plenty of brides plan to lose weight for their big day. But when you’re so busy organising a wedding, you need a program that is healthy, easy and importantly, delivers results—fast.

By using circadian rhythms and harnessing the power of your body’s natural metabolism you can burn kilojoules more effectively.

The result? It’s an average of five kilos lost in the first four weeks#.


How Rapid Results works


The program is based on Nobel prize-winning science that leverages the natural 24-hour cycle of the body, with time for rejuvenation and time for nourishment.


Essentially, it means concentrating on when you eat as well as what you eat. It’s the key to

help you lose weight faster, and healthy weight loss, and if you’re a busy bride, it’s the perfect way to drop a dress size or two ahead of the big day.


Your best wedding diet tool is your own metabolism

During a typical 24-hour period, your metabolism adjusts according to what’s going on. When you wake in the morning, it’s a bit sluggish, which may explain why you’re not that hungry for breakfast. As the day progresses and you become more active and your metabolism fires up, typically peaking around noon. It then slows during the afternoon, before entering a reduced pace while you sleep at night.


Using circadian rhythms to burn kilojoules for wedding weight loss

It’s your circadian rhythm that helps you stay awake during daylight and sleep during darkness. But scientists have discovered there’s so much more to this natural pattern that all humans follow. It also helps regulate our metabolism, supports blood sugar control and helps regulate appetite hormones. So, by working with your circadian rhythm you can help to tame your appetite and make your weight loss more effective. It’s great news for busy brides because the Rapid Results program is so easy to follow.


The nourish/rejuvenate approach

The program combines the nutritious meals of Jenny Craig with a 12-hour eating window. You can eat to fuel your body between 7am and 7pm (give or take an hour or two). Then, from 7pm to 7am you take advantage of the body’s natural rejuvenation mode. Because you’re not consuming calories during this time, your body concentrates on repairing, regenerating and restoring cells ready to burn kilojoules the next day.


Ready to get started? Check out our Rapid Results program and kickstart your healthy new future today!

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