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Megan Blandford

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Megan Blandford is a freelance writer and author specialising in health, mental health, parenting and lifestyle. She writes for The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, Sunday Life, SBS, Kidspot, Body+Soul and Good Food, as well as content for many corporate clients. Megan lives in country Victoria with her husband, two children and lots of animals.

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Why it’s important to put yourself first – and how to do it

Putting yourself first is all about meeting your own needs and wants. Here’s why it’s important, and how you can start this great new habit.

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The benefits of having a routine at home

With some structure, movement and connection, your time at home can be productive and healthy.

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Summer lovin’ – Why summer is a great time to set healthy habits

It’s the perfect time to get outside, eat fresh foods, get moving, and work towards your weight loss goals – here are our top reasons for loving summer.

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6 tips to start the day well

The way we start the morning can set us up well for the day. Try these six steps to start the day with a pep in your step.

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5 steps to achieve any goal

We all have goals we want to achieve, and we need to take steps to make them happen. Here’s how to get closer to your goals.

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How to spring clean your life

Spring cleaning isn’t just for the house. We share how to spring clean your mind, your soul and your goals.

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