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Megan Blandford

Freelance Writer

Megan Blandford is a freelance writer and author specialising in health, mental health, parenting and lifestyle. She writes for The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, Sunday Life, SBS, Kidspot, Body+Soul and Good Food, as well as content for many corporate clients. Megan lives in country Victoria with her husband, two children and lots of animals.

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How to plan your holiday: our travel planning guide

It’s time to get the travel planning guide out and start the countdown...

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How to lose weight with your partner

If you and your partner both want to lose weight, why not do it together...

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Men: Here’s how to lose weight in your 30s, 40s and 50s

Your body’s needs change as your age does, but one truth remains the same: it’s important to maintain a healthy weight...

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5 simple ways men can lose weight and get healthier

There’s a stereotype that men don’t look after their health – but who wants to be part of a stereotype...

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How busy dads can manage weight loss

Whatever age your children are now, life as a parent is busy, particularly with the balance of work commitments and family life...

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5 easy ways to incorporate exercise into your work day

Incidental exercise helps your fitness, heart health and weight management...

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