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Kate Merryweather


Kate is a Melbourne-based freelance copywriter and busy mum with three daughters. When she’s not writing, she’s working on meditating more (finding the time is tricky). She loves reading, reality television and annoying friends by talking about her latest vegetarian Thermomix recipes.

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10 annoying phrases you’ll hear on your weight loss journey

When you’re losing weight or simply making a healthy change in your life, everyone’s got an opinion...

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Comparison is the thief of joy: how to stop comparing yourself to others

There you are, having a great day and all of a sudden it happens: a glamorous mum appears at the school gate looking stunning...

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Dressing for the races: finding the perfect fit

Race day is a fancy, festive, fabulous event – the perfect opportunity to get glammed up with your girls or guys...

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How to escape the cult of busy: 6 tips you need to try

There’s a lot going on for everyone. And the result of all these commitments? STRESS...

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Don’t eat the left overs! – how to stick to your weight loss plan with kids.

With a few tricks up your sleeve you can be ready for any weight loss sabotage your little darling throws your way...

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How to manage your wardrobe during your weight loss journey

Congratulations, you’re losing weight! But, your success on the scales comes with a new challenge...

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