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Karen Stafford

Jenny Craig Dietitian

Karen is an Accredited Practising Dietitian who is passionate about health, wellness and the importance of self-care, particularly for families. She loves sharing delicious food (and a cheeky glass of wine!) with friends and family. In her spare time you’ll find Karen playing Batman and dancing to the Wiggles with her two young boys.

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What is the best diet for healthy weight loss?

There are many diets out there that all claim to help with healthy weight loss, but which one is the best? When looking at the research into different types...

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Veggie Big Brekkie

Everyone knows the importance of a good breakfast, so why not try our delicious Veggie Big Brekkie recipe!

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5 Ways to create a healthy weight loss mindset!

Your mindset is key when making any types of changes to your lifestyle and a healthy, balanced weight loss mindset is crucial to weight loss success...

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How to defrost chicken safely and other frozen food questions

You might be wondering how long you can keep frozen food for, how to defrost chicken or how to cook these foods safely. Here’s a quick guide to defrosting food and using frozen food safely...

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Mindfulness during home isolation

In these uncertain and ever-changing times, our minds are constantly being challenged and our thoughts and emotions can be scattered...

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It’s okay to simply focus on self-care right now

Social media is a buzz with everyone sharing their ‘iso’ life. While I’m loving being connected with friends and family in this way and seeing what others are getting up to...

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