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Jessica Humphries

Writer, Editor, Yoga Teacher

Jessica Humphries is a yoga teacher and writer who has written for many health and wellness publications, as well as enjoying the role of editor for Australia’s biggest yoga magazine. After studying philosophy at university and enjoying a stint in the corporate world, she left Sydney and moved north in pursuit of life in the slow lane. When she’s not writing, she leads a wholesome, holistic and active life in the Northern Rivers, around the corner from Australia’s health and wellness capital, Byron Bay.

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Alternative Christmas Gatherings

An alternative gathering this Christmas is a great opportunity to invite a renewed sense of gratitude...

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How to motivate your family to get active these school holidays

You can hear the protests already, can’t you? Motivating your family to be healthy and active these school holidays..

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Is snacking bad for you?

It’s a common question but Is snacking bad for you? Snacking must be bad...

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Why you need summer exercise in your life!

Let’s be honest, staying active with summer exercise can be a real drag. When it’s thirty-something degrees...

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How to spring clean your body, mind and life

Spring often comes with a renewed zest for life. You may find yourself with a newfound enthusiasm to spring clean not only...

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Immunity Boosters for Winter: Foods that Heal

Your immunity in winter is certainly challenged. Shorter days and less sunshine means less vitamin D and more...

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