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Since the initial opening in 1983, Jenny Craig Australia and New Zealand has expanded to more than 100 centres across the two countries. Each component of Jenny Craig’s program has also progressed over the past 35 years to fuel the company’s growth and ensure it remains one of Australia and New Zealand’s leading weight management companies.

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Get Inspired September Edition 2020

This edition of Get Inspired is filled with tips and tricks to beat that 3pm slump and is filled with creative ways to...

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Andreja joined Jenny Craig to achieve a healthier and better life

I feel amazing, like a completely different person. But being as heavy as I was and losing nearly half my body weight it has made a massive difference...

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Finding your weight loss motivation

Your weight-loss journey starts with a bang, so why does it fizzle out? This could be down to what drives you: do you have intrinsic or extrinsic motivation...

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How to Score a Healthy BMI

A healthy BMI is one measure of good health. How do you get there? Through the right diet, daily physical activity and movement, and support from weight-loss experts...

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Decrease your risk of diabetes with a healthy BMI

Adopting some simple lifestyle changes can make a big difference to your overall health and help improve your BMI. Here are some steps you can take...

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Restart your routines to lose those lockdown kilos

Fire up your routines and lose the lockdown pounds with these five hacks to get you back on track toward your weight loss goals in 2020.

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